Saturday, November 28, 2009


Yonder those years -

Just gone by

Seems like yesterday

But never comes back.

Yet another starts

With all new aspirations

New hope, new life -

But still feels bitter.

Year after year

So many incidents

Some good, some bad

Good lasts, bad fades

Moments of fun, or whatever

Marks droop, Grades falter

Trips & parties against the tide

Night outs, bike ride

Reminiscing the childhood days

Green grass, maddening smell

Cricket ground, magical spell

But still can’t find what stays

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Have you ever loved someone???
The day, the night - whole of time
Devoted in a single thought
Tears for joy and tears for pain
It's like standing out in the hot summer rain

Three years pssssed
The place beside the lake
Where two love buds
Got struck by the cupid
Still afresh in the memory

Year after year, Loads of SMS's
And night after night, never ending calls
And yes, missed calls - how can I forget
The thought brought smile to faces
A feeling of warm togetherness

Have u ever chased the Stars
The moment U catch one
It suddenly disappears
Confusion start with the next
The best we can do is to gaze up again
Same with life, all insane............

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Food for thought

Deceived, dejected they lie -
Under the flyover
The busy civilization
Runs over the roof
A mouthful of silence
With eyes full of despair;
A pair of hands
Seeking a piece of loaf-

Do you enjoy watching reflection -
Of the coin you just offered
In their eyes; pity on you
Is it all you can do for them?
Why the voice of sympathy
Why the glance of apathy
Can you offer a bit more
To secure country’s future

Take the oath to feed a child
It hardly cost you half day’s smoking
Extend thy generous hands
To provide some grains
To cover them under the rain
We all need to start from the root
To uproot the cause
Think a little, with a pause.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sudden Death

Soon, the cloud appears
Western sky dooms black
Wind hustling the trees
Branches gets crack
The rooftop flies off
Cattles running away
The silence and stealth
Keeps mum the bay

Nectar drops from up
Holding my coffee cup
I look down upon
everyone's submission

And then the Sun rises
From back of the Hills
The waiting gets a meaning
Golden rays pervades the field
A smile passes through
The eyes gets locked
Greenery gets even greener
With tinging of clock.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reality Hurts

All the day long
Torture continued...
A helpless scream
Kept on repeating
Finally the roar stopped,
Back with aching lines
Ah, lines - seems like rainbow
Tearing the sky.

The agony of pain,
The heart - full of hatred
Eyes reflects killing spree
Revenge intensified blood
But somewhere down the trail
A misty feeling remains
Restricting the rage
& ceasing the inner blaze

Yet the storm din't broke down
The tussle continued between
Conscious & subconscious mind
And then the match dropped
The floor, oil drenched
Nothing left away.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birds of Paradise

The midsummer mornings
Sultry sun's scorching heat
Does not let one sleep peacefully
Stretched onto the bed
Moreover the mosquitoes
Playing melodies in your ears
To add onto this
The cellphone's rings time to time

Yet another day has started
Festive season prevailing
Smell of fresh colours
In the outside Air
Should I play or not
In the meantime of decision
Trespasser's knock on my DEN
Until it's broken
Helpless, hapless surrender

Once painted, self-rejuvenated
Attack continued on one another
Revisiting the ancient culture
Of age old human civilisation
The joy ride in the time machine
The wildness of tearing dresses
To end with, the photographs
And the HOLY drink of HOLI

Friday, February 20, 2009

High Deluge

All it takes to be...

A dull Friday morning after the exams... Lethargic start, felling sleepy whole day.

Bored, bored, boring.... It simply nt feeling well to go through the novels any more. What's to be done? The mind ponders...

The legend comes out of the den. A great weather outside, a weather which does not let one to get back to the inside periphery of the secure shelter. The mind wants to fly.

So, the freerider wants to ride on the bike and sail away to a distance, to a world of the unknown.

The team gears up in a journey towards Delhi, the city of monuments in the winds of changing season after the darkness plunged back onto earth.

Avoiding many obstructions and a lot of misunderstandings, finally we all reach our destination - Paid our awe of veneration to the epitaph of martyrs; that's India Gate.

Chilling cold breeze, hungry stomach and havoc of traffic mess in the wee hours of the morning kept the spirit alive for the night long adventure.

That's not all, returning back we had delicious Paranthas at Pehlwan's and Vishal's. Yummy, the trips should always end like this...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Gosh came the wind
Shivering cool blows
The tent in the grip
Of sudden standstorm
Advancing to the lavatories
With shaken legs
Put eyes on the mirror
A hush of smoke is seen

Is it me or mah soul -
Or just an illusion?
Rubbing the eyes again
Tried to clean the glass
With both hands
There's no fog either
The portrait remains same
So it's beyond illusion
It's nothing but reality

Tried to look at the reflection
and thus prove it's not mine
But how, then whom
Am I supernatural
Laughing out at own thoughts
I started talking staring at mirror
The more I talk, the smoke rekindles
Hard punch on the mirror
And the pain starts...
Awakening me from my dreams

What a Nightmare !

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Third Eye (from another angle)

(The Girl)
Flying goes the bird
Over the vast blue sky
Keeping eyes on the earth
Set on the target
Sometimes coming across
The pathway of Sunbeams

(The Boy)
There goes a man
Down the street
across the deep jungle
Listening to the chirps
His heart keeps beating
In an unknown fear

(The First sight)
He strides faster
wants to get out
Then comes a sapling
In the middle of the path
The running man tumbles down
But instead gets attracted
To the birds up above
He kept lying forever

(The consequences)
Darker becomes the woods
The man stood up
The bird vanishes
Wants to come back again
The man always waits

(The separation)
Days come, days go
The year passes on
The man shifts to town
The bird waits, but
The man purchases cage
with a bird in it
Forgets about everything
A day, he returns

(The Tragedy)
So comes the bird
flown from her nest
Just to see that cage
A beautiful bird inside
Repents the bird
A day opens up the cage
The foreigner goes away
Then the man realises
But the old bird never come back.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Refreshing thoughts

Walking into the busy malls of Delhi
holding your hands in my palms
& with the eyes of the passerby
glaring onto us
Creates a shivering deep into the heart
Does the person acknowledge us?

Don't care look thrown by you
Makes them feel jealous
They might even envy
I consider myself blessed
A gentle smile passes from one heart to another.

Remember the first kiss we shared
Still I remember, Ur chocolate filled mouth
Umm, U were looking damn gorgeous
How can I forget, Ur lipstick stuck onto mine
I kept the spot saved in the hanky
Will stay with me forever
In the museum of my passion

The little footsteps of us together
Without knowing the cruel realty of Jet age
Taken oath to stay together always
But... something else....
Was in store for us.

Anyway, I feel helpless
Blaming the irony would hardly aid
The wound is still to cure
Would take 'Don't-know-how-long'
Now, I won't start again, I plead
It hurts, U know as me do

Mind wants to believe in superstitions
Asks for another life afresh
Where we will be together again
& nobody will be there to part us
Till then, Bye